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In a social media-centric world, online dating has become a transparent topic openly discussed worldwide. Today, many adult dating apps prioritize one-night stands, and people are openly proceeding with it. These 18+ dating apps cater to the people who are excessively looking for hot singles in men and women.

If you are willing to explore the mature stuff and looking for highly adult 18+ dating apps, here is the list of best adult dating apps. You can consider these 18+ dating apps best for addressing your daily needs.

If you are unsure how to join a legitimate 18+ dating app, you should browse through this blog to find a suitable adult dating app.

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1. Pure

Pure is one of the best adult dating apps to consider. The Pure app attempts to facilitate sex by matching users with willing individuals who utilize the same app.

The user interface is straightforward. You must select your preferred sexual activities, indicate whether you can host a meeting or travel to a specific location, and choose a mutual match. The best part is that if you fail to get a sex date, the auto app will delete all of your personal information in less than an hour.


  1. It is a straightforward real-world hookup app that operates quickly and effectively.
  2. The app is straightforward for account creation. Users need to create their user names and upload a profile picture.
  3. Many women are on the app because they get access to it for free.
  4. No detailed conversations are needed because the time is limited to one hour.
  5. You don’t need to come up with a way to start a conversation if you find a match based on shared interests.
  6. The app is easily accessible from a mobile/desktop browser.
  7. It is easy to cancel your membership.
  8. The app is user-friendly with a captivative interface.
  9. The app offers a free trial period to new users.


  1. The location-based method restricts the number of choices.
  2. People are burdened more because of the one-hour time limit.

1. Tinder

Tinder is one of the hottest trending adult dating apps in the online dating world and the most widely used linkage platform on mobile.

It selects singles by allowing users to swipe and tap their way through an intuitive interface to choose their favorites. With over 10 million active users, you can easily find something here for dating and a one-night stand.


  1. The app has fast and free registration.
  2. The adult dating app has a vast audience worldwide.
  3. The app gives access to sign-in via Facebook.
  4. The app has an exquisite user interface.
  5. Communication is based on mutual matches.
  6. The app has strict moderation and verification process.
  7. Their technical support is good.
  8. There are numerous free features available.


  1. Some features require payments.
  2. There is a risk of communication with fake profiles.
  3. Too many ads are frustrating.

69 Positions

The best adult dating app is 69 positions, where you can learn many new tricks for various sex positions that will help you keep your partner interested in sex for a more extended period.

You can choose from 113 unconventional, creative tips and moves to sharpen your lovemaking skills.


The app delivers many sexual tips regarding oral sex, face-to-face, butterfly variations, exotic, hardcore, and threesome.


The app charges are high for reading some guides and blogs.


The biggest concern while making love with a stranger is whether they are STD-free. Additionally, women willingly surrender to the man who just has been tested virus-free.

Through a simple tap of their smartphones, users of MedXCom can share their Sexually Transmitted Disease and medical history with a prospective partner.


  1. The app provides services to its users 24X7.
  2. You can directly schedule the call with your matchups.
  3. You can record all voicemails and conversations.
  4. The adult dating app supports claim refunds.
  5. The app allows you caller ID protection.


  1. The registration process is a bit tricky and requires a lot of information.

The Girlfriend Helper

This is one of the top Call Girl adult dating apps that can help single boys find a compatible partner for sex.

The Girlfriend Helper will assist you by noting important dates and offering dependable text messages to send to the call girl you are interested in.

The app provides a one-on-one live chat option to converse with your preferred girl directly.


  1. The app allows you to send messages to your match girl in eight categories.
  2. There is also a tip section where you can find some helpful tips.
  3. The app also helps you to save memorable dates and reminders.


Be careful of some fake call girls because many of them are willing to con you.


The majority of dating and sex apps have men’s profiles. Tingle is one of the few adult dating apps with significantly more females than males.

The Tingle app discovers compatible singles nearby and even offers voice chat without disclosing your phone number.


  1. Compatible with both Apple and Android mobile devices.
  2. Easy and fluid navigation.
  3. Enables audio and video chat without revealing your personal information.
  4. The option of teleport feature allows you to meet people in different cities.


  1. The SMS registration option is buggy.
  2. They verify images using Facebook.
  3. The membership base appears to be smaller than other similar apps.

How About We

It is a simple adult dating app where you can post your idea of a one-night stand, and you might get lucky if someone interested reciprocates the same thought.


  1. You can find great tips for one-night stand sex to benefit you.
  2. Singles get easily hooked up for one night stand.


The app is not yet widely used, so its drawbacks have not been highlighted.


Blendr is a social media-oriented adult dating app that imports information from a user’s Facebook account, including interests, photos, and everything else. Then it searches for people with similar interests who have signed on to the service.


  1. A significant number of active users.
  2. The app has a user-friendly interface.
  3. Easy step verification process.
  4. Mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS.


  1. Annoying reminders to buy a premium account.
  2. It takes a lot of action to finish your profile.


This is one of the best adult dating apps that keeps your naked photos, belfies, and sex videos safe and secure. The files can only be accessed if you and the other party enter passwords. The idea is that only you and your partner will be able to watch your previous in-bed antics.

The app is helpful for couples or fuckbuddies who want to spice things up safely.


The app is versatile and always shows you various sexual content.


Many fake videos and photos are available that might divert your attention to intimacy.


This is one of the trending adult dating apps, which is a direct competitor to Tinder. Through Facebook, it expands its network for someone’s profile to appear, and you must share at least one friend with them. Unlike Bumble, Hinge won’t let you swipe.


  1. Conversations and matchups never expire.
  2. The “Date From Home” feature makes it easy to move from messaging to a video or phone call.
  3. You can change and prefer any location at any time.


  1. Until you upgrade to full membership, you can only communicate with your daily suggested matches.
  2. Free users only get 10 matches per day, so it can be frustrating if you don’t find one you’re interested in. Unlimited browsing necessitates a full membership.

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