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Hook up with the right person at the right time through apps or websites. Have you wondered if it can be possible? Yes, nowadays, it has been possible to find someone special with the help of online dating sites. So are you excited to know which dating site will be best for you? If yes, then you are at the place where you should be because here we have discussed the most popular online dating site Catholic Match.

Catholic Match Dating is especially for catholic singles, who believe in faith-focused dating that leads to sacramental marriage. But, in today’s world, finding love as a catholic single can be tough, especially if your faith matters to you more. Although, provides the best services that allow members to make online dating easier for seeking sacramental marriage. Also, this dating site has opened up new opportunities for catholic singles to grow their faith and fall in love.

According to recent data, the catholic dating service alone is responsible for making a successful marriage over 27 million in the United States. So, undoubtedly, this online dating site has the best resources for finding faith-based relationships. So, are you still confused about whether Catholic Match is the right choice for you? Let’s check through Catholic Match Review whether this online dating site is a good place for catholic singles or not. Should you try it? But, first of all, let’s have a look at the detailed information on that!

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What is a Catholic Match?

Catholic match Dating Site
Catholic Match Dating Site

Catholic Match is one of the best online dating sites for catholic singles to build a faith-focused relationship. CatholicMatch dating service was founded by  Brian Barcaro, Jason LaFosse, and Mike Lloyd in 2004. And since 2004, more than 1.5 million members have joined this dating service. Apart from this, 2019 was a very exciting year for Catholic Match as they released their dating apps for both Android and IOS.

As a result, the ultimate mission of this dating service is to help single Catholics to fulfill the sacrament of marriage that makes a successful marriage. So undoubtedly, you will love this site if you take your faith extremely seriously. But, if your faith does not matter to you more or you are not even Catholic, this dating site is not going to be a good fit for you.

So this was all about the Review Of Catholic Match and its detailed information. Now let’s discuss some unique facts about the catholic match.

Unique Facts Of Catholic Match Dating Site

Unique facts of each dating site make it user-friendly and attract more users. Below is the list of unique facts from the Catholic Dating Site:

  • A good selection of catholic singles allows members to make real connections through their values and relationship with God, not with scientific formulas.
  • The site is easy to use and has plenty of features to help connect you with other catholic singles.
  • Catholic Match is one of the largest catholic dating sites all over the world.
  • Endorsed by numerous prominent catholic leaders, which is an excellent positive aspect of this dating site.
  • Site Name- Catholic Match
  • Site URL-
  • Regions- United States, Canada
  • Languages- English
  • Paid or Free- Free trial with ability to search matches, paid membership needed to message
  • Member Numbers- 1,000,000
  • Cost Per Month- From $12.49/month
  • Membership Type- Free, Paid
  • Average Sign-Up Time- 5 to 10 minutes

These all were the amazing unique facts of the Catholic Match Dating Site. Along with this, also there are some positive and negative facts about this site that you should know. So let’s go on to this point!

Positive Aspects Of Catholic Match

The following are the positive aspects of Catholic Match:

  • This site is one of the most extensive dating services only for catholic singles.
  • CatholicMatch dating is best for those whose faith matters more to them and who believe in sacramental marriage.
  • Incredibly quick, easy sign-up processing, and easy to use.
  • Suitable for making faith-focused relationships.
  • You can use its free trial to see matches.
  • CatholicMatch gives its users a guarantee that if you don’t meet someone in 6 months, you will receive an additional 6 months of free subscription.
  • You can verify your account by Facebook.
  • Here, you can read many success stories that include photos and written statements from thousands of couples who met on Catholic Match.
  • This site is also available for Android and IOS that making it more user-friendly.

These all were the positive aspects of this dating site. But as we all know, every coin has two sides. Catholic Match Dating also has some negative aspects. So let’s discuss this point!

Negative Aspects Of Catholic Match

The following are the negative aspects of this site:

  • The biggest drawback is that this site is only good for those people looking for catholic singles.
  • Another disadvantage is that free trial members can’t reply to messages with the Catholic Match.
  • You can’t identify who is a paid member and who is not.
  • This site has an automated matching service, but it only works with those members who have answered the Match Portrait Questionnaires.

So, if you do not have any problem with its negative aspects, you can use this site to enjoy the experience of dating someone special. Now, let’s discuss this site’s ratings, pricing, and membership costs.

Catholic Match Pricing, Ratings, and Membership

Ratings of the dating sites help users to decide whether they should use this site or not. So let’s look at the overall rating of Catholic Match Review.

Category Score
Features 9.5/10.0
Overall Matches 9.7/10.0
Support 9.9/10.0
Costs 10.0/10.0
Ease Of Use 9.7/10.0
Overall 9.5/10.0
Catholic Match Rating

For engaging your dating life and making happy connections, Catholic Match offers free membership and paid membership. Membership features include sending and receiving messages and other premium services. On the other hand, members who take a longer time subscription can also enjoy additional perks.

1. Free Membership

The free membership subscription cost of this site is completely free. Free membership allows members to see how this dating site works and what types of members are near them. On the other hand, the main difference between paid and free membership is communication.

Apart from this, a free subscription includes some other features such as:

  • Creating your profile and searching for catholic singles.
  • You can like up to 3 profiles to indicate your interest per day.
  • You can participate in the matching activity and give answers to the Match Portrait Questionnaire.
  • You can also see the list of members who viewed your profile.
  • It allows reading messages received from other members.
  • With free membership, without custom text, you can send emoticons.
  • Also, with a free subscription, you can read forum posts.

2. Subscription Membership

The subscription membership of this site includes membership type, membership lengths, and membership costs.

Membership Type Length Costs
Premium Membership 1 month $29.99 per month
Premium Membership   6 months $19.95 per month
Premium Membership 12 months $12.99 per month
Catholic Match Membership

Along with this, below are the list of some other features that benefit you with subscription membership as follows: 

  • You can enjoy all the free membership features in a subscription membership.
  • You can read messages right away without waiting.
  • You can send emoticons with a personalized text message.
  • You can like up for unlimited profiles in paid membership and see who likes you.
  • Provide privacy to the community chat room and private chat.
  • Paid members find the priority of customer support.
  • 6 months subscribers get a message read indicator and notification when someone reads their messages.
  • Catholic Match does not offer any refunds.
  • Your membership will automatically renew until you cancel it.

This was all about the detailed information on membership processes. But, it entirely depends on your preference for which type of membership you will like. Now, let’s discuss the sign-up process to make an account on the Catholic Match Dating Site.

Catholic Match Sign-Up Process And Profiles

catholic match reviews
Catholic Match Sign-Up

You can get access to Catholic Match via their website or their dating apps available for IOS phones and Android. First, you will have to do the sign-up process for using its services. And for the sign-up process, you just need to enter your email address or connect your Facebook account. After completing the membership signup process, you will have to give further information such as:

1.  Sign-up

  • Your location
  • First and last name
  • Gender

2. Setup Profile

  • Date of Birth
  • In what Diocese do you belong?
  • What your marital status is? ( Divorced Widowed, Never Married)
  • Add some photos with text, comment

3. Appearance

  • What is your physical appearance is. Like- eyes, hair, and ethnicity

4. Faith

  • How often do you attend mass?
  • Are you free to marry in the catholic church?
  • Are you a convert?
  • How much your faith matters to you.
  • What liturgical style do you prefer?

5. Church’s Teaching( yes or no questions)

This section asks you questions about your acceptance of Christianity.

For example-

  • Do you accept Church teaching on the sanctity of life?
  • Do you accept Church teaching on Holy orders?

6. Background

  • Questions related to your employment, family, and life.

7. Lifestyle

  • Question about your lifestyles such as feelings, relationships, smoking, etc.

8. Favorite Things

This section asks you about your likes, dislikes, and hobbies such as:

  • Activities
  • Faith
  • Foods
  • Media
  • Music
  • Readings
  • Sports
  • Travel

For all users, it’s necessary to give all the required information. Also, Catholic Match Reviews all the new profiles within 24 hours of the time that it’s added. Apart from this, you can handle your account as per safety. Below is the list of information on how you can keep your account safe.

Account Setting

As per the safety process, this dating site provides the following safety options such as:

1. Email Notification

  • According to your suitability, you can enable or disable notifications for Views, Activities, Messages, and Promotions. 
  • But, there is also a limitation that you can not disable all the emails. You will receive the notification of all the appropriate emails such as support tickets, lost passwords, account updates, etc.

2. General Preference

  • Hide your birth date
  • Restrict Age Range
  • You can also change your profile status (active or inactive). By inactivating your profile, you can prevent access to all parts of the site except for the account and help pages. 
  • Catholic Match Mobile App also allows you to pause your account anytime. It is also possible to remove and delete your account completely by sending a support request to Catholic Match.

Now we will see what the communication process is of this online dating site.

Catholic Match Viewing And Communication Process

On the Catholic Match website, all features are accessible from the top menu. It includes tools related to messages, profiles, and finding other members. Also, you will get the options of events and items like views and matches, etc. The following are the features you will get in the top menu:

  • Profile
  • Photos
  • Messages
  • Views
  • Community Forums.

After viewing the communication process, you need to know how to find compatible members. So let’s move on to this point!

Catholic Match Searching And Matching Feature

Searching and matching are the two main features of this site. With the help of the search option, you can search for many members and select your ideal preference for a partner. But, for viewing the matches, you will have to fill out a questionnaire called the Match Portrait. These questions require the answers related to your personality that are important to a relationship. So, from all sides, you can give quick try this site to meet your perfect match. Apart from this, if you have any problem, you can contact Catholic Match via their customer support.

Catholic Match Customer Support

This site provides email support and ticket support option available right on the side of the top menu. It is really a great option we have seen on this site. Also, it shows that the people running the site really care about you.

At PO Box 154 Zelienople, PA 16063, USA, you can mail them or call (800) 960-6057.


I hope that this article will help you to decide whether this site will be best for you or not. But, in my opinion, if you are looking for a catholic single and for a faith-focused relationship, then is a great option for you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Is Catholic Match a good site?

Yes, Catholic Match is a good site for catholic singles. And currently, this site is the most popular catholic dating site.

Q2. Is the Catholic Match free or paid?

You can access this site both free or pay according to your preference. Sign up, and the browsing process is for free. But, you will have to take the premium subscription to use messaging features.

Q3. Is the Catholic Match safe?

Although as per its safety process and other user-friendly features, this site is safe for you. But, it has been recognized that most customers are dissatisfied with its services.

Q4. How to delete the Catholic Match account?

You can delete your account by simply clicking on the cancel account button in the account setting.

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