How To Do Cuddle And Love Your Girlfriend


If you are nervous about showing love and cuddling your girlfriend. We are here with some tips to help you!

Slide Up To Her

The first step to start cuddling is to slide up to her. If you are sitting together, then don’t sit too far and make sure your bodies are touching each. You can try this position when you are a bit nervous or haven’t yet gone too close to her till now. It becomes more convenient when you both are watching television or a movie.

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Put Your Arms Around Her And Make Her Feel Comfortable

You can put your arm on her or allow her to put her arm on you. Make her feel that you like her touch and move closer to her. You can move closer to her and hold her hand.

Moving your fingers on her finger can be a good option.

Do The Reclining Cuddle

If you are tired of keeping your arms and want to change to some other position, then you must do the reclining cuddle. While your arm is on her shoulder, move a bit away from her and give her the sign that you want to lie in her lap. You can lie on her stomach or lap, experiencing closeness.

Pull Her Close To You

You can drag her closer to you while you are standing or sitting together. Tell her how much you love her and say some wonderful lines to her. You can even put your head on her shoulder and show love and affection in the simplest way.

Do Mama Bear Spoon

This is the best position to cuddle and make your partner comfortable and loved. To do this, another classic cuddling spoon, you should be curled up by your girl from behind and her arms on you. You should both be lying down on your sides to pull this cuddle and move on.

Do Papa Bear Spoon

In this move, you must be behind your girl, holding her gently from the back while you both are lying together. This is the position of utmost love and affection. While taking the C position, your chin can also rest on her shoulder.

The Lap Pillow

The lap pillow cuddling can be practiced when you express to keep your head on your girlfriend’s lap. This position describes a sense of trust, and you can easily snatch a kiss while you are in this position.

The Butt Pillow

A butt pillow can be a good way to cuddle or show love to your girlfriend. In this way of cuddling, one partner would be lying on a real pillow and the other person on the butt of the other.

Keep it a point that the person lying below is comfortable.

The Leg Hug

This is a good position when you want to make your partner comfortable without coming in much physical or intimate contact. You just need to adjust your leg after every few minutes to keep your partner comfortable and at ease.

The Sweetheart Cradle

This hug describes that you or your partner needs to be pampered. You can keep your head on your girlfriend’s chest or ask her to do the same. This is the most comforting form of cuddling. At the same time, this gives an elderly and caring feel to your girlfriend.

The Honeymoon Hug

The honeymoon hug is awesome since you are in love with each other. This hug allows you to face each other and cross your legs against the other person. You can feel the heartbeat and even get the smell of the breath of your partner. This is the most affectionate way to show love to your girlfriend.

The Arm Draper

In this cuddling position, you and your partner face each other. Your arms are on top of the other person. You are facing close to the other person, and it is the best time to make the moment more romantic.

Do Eye Contact And Kiss Them

To show love to your girlfriend, you can look into her eyes and say some attractive lines to her. You can move further while maintaining eye contact and move closer to her face to kiss her. If it is your first kiss, be slow and do not rush to complete your kiss.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1 How to cuddle with your girlfriend?

You can begin with a slow start by cuddling or showing love to your girlfriend. Keep your hand on her shoulder and give her a hint that you want to cuddle. You can also hub her arms and back gently without offending her.

Q2 How to cuddle with your girlfriend via text?

If you are away physically, you can still cuddle your girlfriend via text. You can send sweet cuddle quotes and text like I want to make you feel you are close to me, or I want to hug you and never let you go away.

Q3 How to cuddle with your boyfriend for the first time?

To cuddle your boyfriend for the first time, you can start by holding hands. You can gently rub your hands against your partner’s hands. If you want to do even more than that, you may lean on his chest on your back which can be a good option.

Q4 How to cuddle with your girlfriend and kiss your girlfriend?

If you want to cuddle and kiss your girlfriend, you can make her sit on a comfortable couch, hold her hand or keep yours on her shoulder. Give her a gentle rub on the shoulder or hands, bring her closer, and look into her eye. Now, it is the right to kiss her.

Q5 Where to cuddle with your girlfriend?

Certainly, you can not cuddle your girlfriend in a park or somewhere outdoor. Take her to a quiet place, maybe your house. You can choose a couch or bed or even a chair to make love with your partner.

Q6 What is the best way to cuddle with your girlfriend?

Some of the best ways to cuddle your girlfriend are:
● Arm draper
● Leg hug
● Lap pillow
● Honeymoon hug

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