Cute dating: 15+ Cute and Unique Ways to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend


Getting into a relationship is not an easy task nowadays and convincing or proposing to a girl is not ether. Here we have come up with more than 15 cute dating ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

Sweep Her Off Her Feet At The End Of A Romantic Date.

Taking a girl on a romantic date can be a good cute dating option. Make her feel special and take her on a romantic date. You can pull the chai for her and make her feel comfortable. Order her favorite food at the restaurant. Look in her eyes and tell her how special she is to you. Before saying anything, make sure you are honest and vulnerable. At the end of the date, you can grab her waist, bring her slowly to yourself, and make her feel loved.

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Involve Her Special People.

If you are looking for a cute dating idea, then you can involve her special person. You can bring fun to the date if she is comfortable while her particular person is along. It is a good way or chance to win her and her friend’s hearts. Find the right time and ask her if she will be your girlfriend.

You can use a standard pick-up line to impress the one you like. You can use lines like “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by your side again?

Such flirty pick-up lines can be funny and impress a girl, and she might say yes in return. 

Go With A Casual Conversation.

Always start with a casual conversation when you are looking forward to proposing to someone. Ask her random questions like “how is she” to make her feel comfortable. You may also ask questions like how she feels when she is with you. Gradually convert your casual conversation to a cute dating style and ask her if she will be your girlfriend. Since she is comfortable, you may get a yes from her.

Pose Surprising Inquiries.

You can make random and sudden questions to the one you like. You can ask them, “Do you like me”. Or “do you like spending time with me”. Such inquiries can make the other person realize your importance in their life, and you may ultimately end up coming into a relationship. Such surprising inquiries may bring you even more, closer than you are right now.

Write It Somewhere She Doesn’t Anticipate.

You can write and propose to the person you love where and when they did not expect it. Write a proposal phrase on her window if she opens the curtains when she wakes up in the morning. You can also write it on the sand on a beach or also on a coffee when you are on a coffee date. By writing in such a way, you can ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

Write A Memorable Poem Or Letter.

Writing a poem or letter can be a cute dating idea to propose to a girl to be your girlfriend. You can write down your feelings for her on a piece of paper if you think you would be nervous to tell her. This gesture can make her feel special and memorable. It might also turn out to be a romantic moment for both of you. Make sure you use good phrases and words to write the poem or letter.

Surprise Her With Food.

You can order her favorite food and surprise her by writing proposal lines on top of it. For example, you can get a cupcake if she is fond of sweet treats that have a message on it “will you be my girlfriend.” You can merge this cute dating idea with the other to make it more interesting.

Customizing food she like with proposal lines can make her feel happy and even convinced.

Create A Fun Treasure Hunt.

Preparing hunt games can be adventurous and fun for proposing. You can host a cute dating and hide clues of a proposal phrase at the place where you are going to date. Ask the person to collect the clues and arrange them and read the phrase out loud. This can be surprising for her, and you can also ask a friend to capture this moment in a picture for you.

Slip A Note Into Her Favorite Candy.

Offering sweets and chocolates can be one of the sweetest ways to impress a girl and can be even more impressive when you place a slip note on it. Write a note or proposal phrase on a piece of paper and place it inside the wrapper. Use dark shade paper to make sure it grabs her attention. This will make her feel special and also fetch your task.

Send Her A Cute Text.

Texting her with a proposal message while you are on a date with her can be a good option. If you are nervous about asking her directly to be your girlfriend, it can be a cute and unique way to send her a text. Wait for her reaction and answer.

You can use text like:

  • I really like a girl do you think she will accept my proposal?
  • I do not want anyone else to take your heart. Will you be mine?

Wait Until The Moment Feels Right.

Do not rush to make a wrong decision. Have patience and wait for the right moment to propose. Even if you know she will say yes, still do not be in a hurry to say it to her. Spend quality time with her every few days to understand each other’s tastes and preferences. Make sure you both are comfortable and ready to get into a relationship before you propose.

Ask Her To Be Your Girlfriend In A Clear, Direct Way.

Instead of giving hints to her, it is better to ask her to be your girlfriend in a clear way. If you think you both are ready to get into a relationship and like each other, there is no harm in asking her directly to be your girlfriend. You should look into her eyes and tell her that you really like her and want to spend time with her.

Relax And Be Yourself.

You can use various ways and ideas to take her out for a date or propose to her but do not forget to be yourself and genuine. Do not be over-stressed and relax after you ask her to be your girlfriend. Do not use stupid ideas or act over to get her just be what you are. Wait for her answer and if you are original in front of her as you are. She would definitely say yes to you.

Put It On A Big Screen.

Taking the person, you like out for a movie can be a cute dating idea. Once the movie is over, you can surprise or propose to the person you like by displaying a proposal message on the big screen. Surprising with such a proposal would definitely bring yes to you.

Get Some Flowers.

Prepare a cute dating environment by taking the person you like to a romantic place or restaurant. Make her sit comfortably, make her feel that you take care of her. Bring her favorite flowers and look into her eyes. Followed by a few words of love and gesture. While you present her the flowers, you can ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend or not.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1 What is a cute way to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

To ask a girl to be your girlfriend, you can bring a flower bouquet for her with a slip note on it, or you can also bring chocolate that has a written message on it.

Q2 How do you ask a girl to be your girlfriend, yes?

You can start with a casual talk making her comfortable and driving the talk to the point that you want her to be your girlfriend.

Q3 When to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

Never rush to start a relationship and be a slow starter. Wait for the right moment and time. At first, you should spend time with each other. Hang out together, know each other’s preferences and make the right move at the right time.

Q4 How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend in a cute way?

To ask a girl to be your girlfriend, you can send her cute text or take her out for a date and end the date with a cute romantic proposal. You can also sing a romantic song for her.

Q5 How long should you wait to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

You need not rush at the early stages of the relationship. For the first two to three months, you should try to spend time together. Know each other and their preferences, and make sure you like each other before you finally get into a relationship.

Q6 When is the right time to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

There is never a fixed time to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Before you propose to a girl, make sure you get to know each other first. Find out if you are a good fit for each other.

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