Date Your Best Friend: How to Date Your Best Friend

Date Your Best Friend

Have you fallen in love with your best friend or want to date them because you think you can spend your life together? Then here we have some facts that you must keep in mind to start dating your best friend.

Before you start dating your best friend, We have prepared some questions that you should ask yourself, along with their answers.

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1. Should You Date Your Best Friend?

Dating your best friend is not a bad idea. It becomes easier to date your best friend as you already know each other. You connect more and also know each other’s past relationship history. Definitely, there is a risk if it does not work out between you.

But If you see a life partner or future in your best friend, then you must date them. To date each other, you should make sure that both are completely comfortable with one another as a partner and that you see your future with them.

2. Is It A Good Idea To Date Your Best Friend?

Dating your best friend is indeed a good idea if you are tired of meeting strangers and do not get the right match.

Imagine you want to date your best friend, which can come out to be a lifetime bond. It is amazing to date a person:

  • Who knows what your liking and disliking are?
  • You both like and hate the same person.
  • You know each other’s past.
  • It is easy to take care of each other than anyone else can.
  • Enjoy each other’s company at all times.

These factors can motivate you to date your best friend.

3. How To Date Your Best Friend Without Ruining The Friendship?

Always keep the friendship ahead of your feelings. If you feel that you are getting into misunderstandings and lack of communication since you both are dating each other. It is time to take a step back and stay limited to friendship. Let time and gap heal your bond of friendship.

4. Signs You Should Date Your Best Friend

There might be that you must not have thought about being in a romantic state with your best friend. But it is worth considering dating your best friend if you are most comfortable with each other.

Below are a few signs that you should note to whether you should date your best friend or not.

  • You tease each other in a flirtatious manner.
  • Your day feels incomplete if you do not talk or meet each other.
  • Your interest goes beyond a level in each other’s life.
  • You have a good time with smiles and laughter when you are with them.
  • You need not impress each other.
  • You know each other from inside out.
  • You accept them as they are.

Once You Know The Answers To The Questions, Let’s Know How To Date Your Best Friend.

1. Tell them you like them if they don’t know.

The first step before you start dating your best friend is to tell them that you like them. Be clear with your feelings with them. Tell your friend that you have a romantic interest in them. Make them understand that you are attracted to and driven towards them.

If you are unable to tell it directly, you may also give them signs by holding their hands. While telling them about your feelings, do not mess up the situation by offending them.

If they are not interested or do not feel the same, try to understand and stop before you ruin your friendship.

2. Share your concern about dating them.

To share your ideas about dating your friend, you can say directly to them or start an indirect conversation.

Start a conversation by saying,” if I dated you but things don’t work out between us, would you still be my friend.” This way, your friend would know that you want to date them. And it will become easier for you to have a discussion on this.

Share your idea of dating them, but on the other hand, you are worried and nervous about doing the same. Since you are good friends, the other person would definitely help you in clearing your thoughts.

3. Pursue more romantic activities while you are together.

Try to indulge in more romantic and love-making activities. Plan romantic dates or trips for your friend, and do those activities that you have not done as just being friends.

You can take them for a candle night dinner and show all your love and affection through your words. Order their favorite food and drink at the restaurant. Ask them for a dance together and end your date with a simple kiss. You can even drop your friend at him/her home.

4. Give them a pet name.

Show love and more attention to them by calling them pet names like honey or sweety. Calling them with cute nicknames will convey to them that you really like them. This will help convert your relationship from friendship to love.

Do not use nicknames that sound more like friendship and less like love-making, such as buddy or dude.

Additional tips to date your best friend

Here are some additional tips that can help you date your best friend.

  • Have clear thoughts in your mind about your feelings and dating your friend.
  • Share your feelings with them and the idea of dating them.
  • Avoid creating misunderstandings and create boundaries around your relationship don’t let others interrupt.
  • Give time to time-space to them.
  • Do not get into physical relations until you have that chemistry.
  • Plan surprises for them.
  • Show them that you care about them.
  • Be consistent and move slowly in your relationship.

I hope these tips and tricks have helped and you soon start dating your best friend.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1 Why should you date your best friend?

Dating your best friend can be the best option as you already know each other and can be compatible with each other in the future too.

Q2 How to date your best friend without ruining the friendship?

Whenever you start dating your best friend, make sure that you build trust with each other and stay honest. Do not rush and end up into friends with benefits.

Q3 Why should you not date your best friend?

There is no doubt that you should not date your best friend. But sometimes, if things do not work out among you both, you may also end but breaking up your friendship.

Q4 How to get your best friend to date you?

The best thing to get your best friend to date you is to give signs to them. If you are comfortable with each other, you can also say it directly to them to be your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Q5 How to convince your best friend to date you?

Explain to them that you are attracted to them and want to pursue a romantic relationship with them. Make it clear that you will understand if they do not feel the same way but that you want to be honest about your feelings either way.

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